Odds and Ends

Ann Cushman provides a marvelous resource of odds and ends and tidbits and stuff from the unusual to the amusing. In between, you might find a clue or a new source of information to aid your research.


For those not familiar with Latin, here are the Latin words found in a 1924 Catholic marriage record in Aroostook County:

contrahentium nomina….the names of the couple uniting in marriage


mensis ….month

AD ….year

missis …. __O__ here would mean releasing, discharging, consenting, no issues with the marriage (i.e. _O_ no dispensation granted)

bannis, matrimonium inierunt …number of times the marriage banns announced

filius ….son of

filia ….daughter of

ex loco ….where is each person from

teste adfuerunt ….witnesses present

adnotationes ….remarks, notes bearing upon or in consequence of the event