Castle Hill

Castle Hill viewed from Haystack Mountain
Castle Hill as viewed from Haystack Mountain

Castle Hill is a town in Aroostook County, incorporated on February 25, 1903, from Castle Hill Plantation. According to George Varney*, the 1886 landscape of the then plantation appeared as follows:

It is on the stage-line [Route 227] from Presque Isle to Ashland. . . . The township is without high hills and large ponds. . . . The Universalists and the Baptists have societies in the town, and sustain ministers a portion of the time.  The plantation has six public schoolhouses . . .

Castle Hill’s population in 1870 was 237, leaping to 419 in 1880. The 1,341-foot-high Haystack Mountain is the only exception to Varney’s characterization of the landscape. — Maine, an Encyclopedia

*Varney, George J. A Gazetteer of the State of Maine. 1886. p. 168.

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46°43′5″N 68°13′14″W


Castle Hill, Aroostook County, Maine

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12, Range 4

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Castle Hill Plantation

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Castle Hill Plantation

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