The Importance of Research Etiquette

Genealogy and research etiquette is important. This is after a recent out-of-state visitor who was not nice at three different local libraries. Be courteous and respectful of those who work […]

We all have family anecdotes. Are yours written down? We’re familiar with the grandma and grandpa books with questions. A friend is asking these questions of her mother-in-law by email. […]

A town may never have had its own newspaper but, its news may be included in a nearby paper. The newspaper could be just across the state line. If your […]

Nice article in the Star-Herald about the Fort Fairfield public library receiving a grant to improve preservation in its archives room. The ACGS has meant and toured there and the […]

New Maps in the Archival Room

The three maps to be hung in our library have been enlarged and copied, Dennis and I did the framing and the plan is to put them up before the […]

Planning Future Agendas & Helping Others

Well the white rain has begun for the season and will probably continue for several months. In other words, this is not the season to cruise the cemeteries so we […]