New Records on Family Search Website

On 05/31/2020, Family Search sent out the following advice to various individuals, etc. Their website is Over 57 Million New Records “FamilySearch expanded its free online archives in April […]

Social Distancing Challenges

Because the Covid-19 virus is still affecting our lives, and we practice social distancing, the library is still closed. We work from home as we are able. Some requests for […]


Mob violence is probably as old as mankind, but the American name for it is comparatively youthful. Two centuries ago, more or less, Captain William Lynch cut a wide swath through parts of Virginia. As magistrate of a kangaroo court, he heard brief testimony and then sentenced several Pennsylvania County ruffians to hang.

Turning to Online Research

On a wet June morning, Greetings to all genealogical minded. As restrictions imposed on us by Covid-19, doing research is different in that most town offices are or have been closed. The same is true for Libraries and Archives.