Island Falls

Gov. Milliken House in Island Falls
Gov. Milliken House (2001)

Island Falls is a town in Aroostook County, incorporated on February 27, 1872, from Island Falls Plantation, once the township T4 R4 WELS. The first white settlers arrived in 1842, just as the state’s northern boundary was finally settled. Levi Sewall was one, and he later bought a one-mile square tract, including the falls. His sons continued as active local citizens: David, a lumberman and county commissioner; Samuel, a farmer; and William, who kept the large homestead built by his father. William Sewall also became a wildlife guide and companion to Theodore Roosevelt in the 1870s, as chronicled in the book Becoming Teddy Roosevelt: How a Maine Guide Inspired America’s 26th President. — Maine, An Encyclopedia

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46°0′31″N 68°15′53″W


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1860 Census

Twp 4, Range 4

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Island Falls

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The Village of Island Falls & Island Falls

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Walker Settlement