U.S. Inspection Station in Hamlin
U.S. Inspection Station in Hamlin

Hamlin was a plantation in Aroostook County, organized on July 11, 1859, for election purposes and formally organized for general purposes on March 5, 1895. Originally, the township was known as Letter G R1, WELS. Now it is an organized town. According to George A. Varney in his Gazetteer, Hamlin’s population was 568 in 1870 and 612 in 1880, not much different from the current level.

GPS Coordinates

47°05′31″N 67°50′55″


Hamlin, Aroostook County, Maine

Census Locations

1850 Census

Van Buren Plantation

1860 Census

Letter G, Range 1

1870 Census

Hamlin Plantation

1880 Census

Hamlin Plantation

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