Fort Kent

Fort Kent Blockhouse
Fort Kent Blockhouse (2003)

Fort Kent is a town in Aroostook County, incorporated on February 23, 1869, from D’Aigle and Fort Kent Plantations. It lies across the St. John River from the small town of Clair, in Madawaska County, New Brunswick, Canada. Fort Kent is Maine’s northernmost town, but Big Twenty Township reaches even further north at about 47: 27′:30″ north latitude. — Maine, An Encyclopedia

GPS Coordinates

47°15′31″N 68°35′22″


Fort Kent, Aroostook County, Maine, 04743

Census Locations

1850 Census

Hancock Plantation

1860 Census

Twp 18, Range 7
Two 18, Range 6

1870 Census

Fort Kent

1880 Census

Fort Kent

Grid Location


Associated Place Names

Bradburys, Fort Kent Mills, Fort Kent Village, Michigan Settlement, Pierre, Plourde Mill, Soldier Pond, and Violette Settlement