Amish going to church in Easton.

Easton is a town in Aroostook County, incorporated on February 24, 1865, from Freemont Plantation. The name implies the “eastern” location of the town in Maine and in the County. Its population of over 800 in the 1880s supported eight public schoolhouses. Easton is a farming community southeast of Presque Isle, served by U. S. Route 1 and Maine Route 10.

GPS Coordinates

46°39′25″N 67°51′48″


Easton, Aroostook County, Maine, 04740

Census Locations

1850 Census

Not Listed

1860 Census

Letter B, Range One
Letter C. Range One

1870 Census

The Town of Easton

1880 Census


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Associated Place Names

Easton Center, Easton Station, Fairmount, Parkhurst, Powers Corner, and Washburn Junction