Connor Twp

Jemtland Road in Connor (2003)
Jemtland Road in Connor (2003)

Connor is an unorganized township in Aroostook County, organized as a plantation in 1877 from Letter K township, otherwise known as Letter K R2 or T15 R2. It then annexed land from Caribou in 1881 and was organized “for assessment of taxes” several times: 1883, 1892, and 1896. On July 12, 1913, Connor was incorporated as a town. But the pressures of the Great Depression and World War II resulted in the surrender of its status as a town on March 30, 1945. (Connor’s population had peaked at 729 in 1940 and dropped to 630 in 1950.) Since then, it has been governed by the state as a township. — Maine, an Encyclopedia

GPS Coordinates

47°0′0″N 68°0′0″W


Connor Township, Aroostook County, Maine

Census Locations

1850 Census

Van Buren Plantation

1860 Census

Letter K, Range 2

1870 Census

K, Range 2

1880 Census

Letter K Plantation

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