Downtown Caribou circa 1900
Downtown Caribou circa 1900

Caribou is a City in Aroostook County, incorporated on April 5, 1859, as the town of Lyndon from Eaton Plantation and part of half township H. In 1869 Lyndon annexed Eaton, Sheridan, and Forestville plantations. On February 26th of that year, its name was changed to Caribou, then back to Lyndon on March 9th! Finally, on February 8, 1877, Caribou was confirmed as the town’s permanent name. Ninety years later, It was incorporated as a city on February 23, 1967. — Maine, an Encylopedia.

GPS Coordinates

46°51′49″N 67°59′53″


Census Locations

1850 Census

Eaton Grant
Letter H Range 2

1860 Census

Eaton Plantation
Unorg part of Letter H, Range 2
Forestville Plantation

1870 Census


1880 Census

Caribou & Caribou village

Grid Location

T13 R2 WELS, T14 R2 WELS, T15 R2 WELS

Associated Place Names

Barretts, Bishop, Colby, Crouseville, East Lyndon, Grimes Mill, Hurd, Maine, McGraw, North Lyndon, Part of Brown Corner, Pauls, and Roberts