Archival Report, June 2017

Recently the ACGS Library received a donation of books from Allen’s cousin, Patrick Voisine. Patrick mailed the books from his home in Illinois. Some of the abbreviated titles are: Dean […]

President’s Message, June 2017

I just asked my mother a question about the dog they had when she was a kid. That lead her to telling me some things her father did before he […]

Naturalization Records

In the U.S., before 1906, people could go to any courthouse to become a citizen. Apparently you could start the process in one court and finish it in another. Papers […]

You may see these words used in old newspapers and I’ve seen them on tombstones: consort: wife, husband, companion, a deceased woman who leaves behind a surviving spouse relict: surviving […]


Gleanings from a Sept. 2015 Family Tree Magazine, NEHGS e-newsletters and my own research. Tombstones at military cemeteries are in uniform lines. The emblems on them are not all Christian […]