Turner Library Historical Collections

I believe I’ve written about this before but, as a reminder for those who love history and/or have ancestors from Aroostook County, the Madawaska Region, and Northern Maine.

Go to the home page of the Turner Memorial Library. Click on Aroostook History. When the Aroostook Historical Collection page comes up, click the link to enter the historical server. You will find topics/time frames to choose from. Choose one, and you will now find more topics/time frames. The list is 12 pages long and there are at least 1888 pages of info.

Madawaska Depositions 1839 is when they were published, but they were taken in 1828. These are the names with suspect spellings, as the only man who signed his name was Raphael Michaud. The others were Capt Fearmer Thibideau, Jeremiah Dubie, Fearmer Herbert, Michael Martin, Simon Baulier, Joseph Cire, Michael Cire, Paulite Marchee, and Jean Baptiste Long. There is a little genealogical info.

If they’re your relatives, you’ll be able to figure out the actual spellings. It’s a good history lesson as you’re looking at things that went before the U.S. Congress, some of the founding fathers, kings, and presidents.

On the library site, you will also find oral histories, an obit index, and digital archives of the library which means digitized Presque Isle newspapers from 1857.