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Dennis Prue

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This Old Tree, May 2013

Polly Armstrong and Her Relatives (cont. from Feb.)

Polly was born about 1796 based on her age at death, in the Upper Kent area of Carleton County, New Brunswick, Canada. She is the second daughter of Jonathan Parkes and his wife Sarah Hannah Bradley. Her parents married July 17, 1793 at Woodstock, Carleton, New Brunswick, Canada.

Her brothers were as follows:

Moses b.c. 1801 He is a witness at several of his sister’s marriages. No further records found.
David Owen Parkes b. Dec. 23 1809-d. Mar. 25, 1890, Caribou, Maine. He married twice, first to Elizabeth Hill on Dec. 31, 1834 in Andover New Brunswick; then to Nancy Lydia Hagerty July 17, 1840 in Fredericton, New Brunswick.
John George b. June 4, 1819-d. Aug. 6, 1864, Washington, D.C. He married to Rebecca Bubar Mar. 24 1840 in Caribou, Maine

*b.c. means “born about circa”

Her sisters were as follows:

Hariot b.c. 1794 baptized Mar. 5 1797 at Gagetown Anglican Church at age of 3 years. No further record.
Harriet b. Nov. 15 1798-d. Jan. 29, 1873, Pickett, Wisconsin, USA. She married twice, first as his second wife, Isaac Miller, July 15, 1815. In the marriage record found in New Brunswick Archive, she is listed as Hannah but she is always listed on other church records as Harriet in the censuses and on the Headstone. Sometime after Isaac’s death in 1837, she married Tristan Winslow Hillman and moved to Winnebago County, Wisconsin, USA.
Sarah b. Dec. 22 1804-d. Sep. 3, 1879,Presque Isle, Maine. She married Isaac Thomas on Aug. 7, 1821, at Upper Kent, New Brunswick. Marriage is recorded at the Woodstock Anglican Church.
Elizabeth b. July 13, 1807 d. Feb. 17, 1889, Caribou, Maine. She married John Laurence Kelley on Oct. 17, 1822 in Upper Kent, New Brunswick. Marriage also recorded in the Woodstock, Anglican Church.
Olive Virginia Jane b. Sep. 23, 1812-d. after April 1881 (she is in 1881 census for Tobique, Victoria County, New Brunswick, Canada. She married twice, first to Bela Blanchard Gardner on Aug. 17, 1828, in Andover, New Brunswick. Then about 1832, married Alexander Cochran in Caribou, Maine.
Hannah Rose b. April 19, 1815 d.? place and date unknown, said to have married Calvin Rogers.

[Polly is Alexander’s Cochran sister-in-law, not his wife.]