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This Old Tree, March 2015

The Problems with the George Hayward family of Concord, Massachusetts

George Hayward is my 8th great-grandfather. I had traced my family back to George and his wife Mary through their daughter Hannah and her second husband Adam Holloway. I had just put into my data base the other children of George and Mary: Mary, Elizabeth, Joseph, John, Sarah, Simeon, William and George.

From various source and sites (most online genealogy sites) I had found spouses for each of the children except for George. Roots Web had spouses and marriage dates for the Hayward children and some birthdates.

I decided to fill in the missing dates for Hannah’s brothers and sisters. This is what I knew:

  • Mary born circa 1636 married to a Griffin Elizabeth born circa 1638 married to a Josiah or Joshua Wheeler by 1662
  • John born Oct. 20, 1640 Boston died Nov. 22, 1718 Concord. He married Anna White on Jan. 22, 1671
  • Joseph born Jan. 26 1743 Boston died April 13, 1714 Concord. He married first, Hannah Horsman on Oct. 26, 1667; then second to Elizabeth Treadwell on March 23, 1677
  • Sarah born Jan 19, 1645 Concord died 1709 in Lancaster, Massachusetts. She married John Prescott on Nov. 11, 1668
  • Hannah born April 20, 1649 Concord died after 1733. She married to 1 Jacob Farrar on Nov. 11, 1668; then 2 to Adam Holloway on Jan. 5, 1681
  • Simeon born Jan 22, 1649 Concord died ?? married to Elizabeth Danward on March 7, 1687

The Vital Records of Concord states that Richard Griffin married Mary Haward on Dec. 5, 1660 in Concord but the record filed with the county states that Richard Griffin married Mary Harrod, a widow. This means the Mary who married Richard was a widow named Mrs. Mary Harrod she not a daughter of George and his wife Mary. She is perhaps the widowed mother of Hanna Harrod who married Thomas Wheeler in Oct 1657 in Concord.

Later in Concord records are other Harrods. So I have now removed Mary from the family.

Some state that George & Mary came to Massachusetts as a married couple with one child i.e. Elizabeth from England.

Elizabeth was married some time before 1663 to Joshua Wheeler s/o Obadiah & Susannah Wheeler. They would have 3 sons and later move to Plainfield, Connecticut.

John just added his parents-in-law, Resoled White & Judith Vassell.

Joseph added the names of his parents-in-law for both his wives.

Sarah found that Sarah died in Lancaster, Massachusetts on July 14, 1709. John Prescott I have not found a death date. Some say he dies in 1718 to 1726. John is still alive in 1718 when his second wife Mrs. Mary Haynes Howe died in Feb. 1718 in Lancaster, Massachusetts.

Hannah born April 20, 1647 in Concord –died after 1733 most likely in Concord. She married first to Jacob Farrer Nov. 11, 1668 in Concord. Jacob was born in England Sep. 3, 1641 in Halifax, York, England – d. Aug. 22, 1675 in Lancaster, Massachusetts. Hannah returns to Concord after Jacob’s death. She married Adam Holloway in Concord on Jan. 5, 1681. Adam Holloway b. 1653 –d June 7, 1733 in Concord. Hannah listed as his widow.

Simeon born circ Jan. 22, 1649 – death date not found- he married Elizabeth Danforth d/o Jonathan & Elizabeth Poulter Danforth on March 7, 1687 in Billerica, Mass.

Elizabeth born May 29, 1657 in Billerica – d. March 1696.

William married Anna Stratton d/o Samuel & Mary Fry Stratton on April 4, 1671 in Concord. Problem with William is no birth/church record. Some have him born in 1651 others have him with same date as Simeon or that of the youngest child, George in 1753. Also his death most have him dying on Dec. 19, 1678 same day as George died in Narragansett, Rhode Island… Few have him dying in 1671.

There are no records of death for William. Find no children for him and Anna. I looked at Massachusetts vital record and could not find a birth or death record for him. The only solid record is his marriage to Anna Stratton in Concord in 1671. For soldiers at battle of Narragansett there is a listing of a William Hayword and a George Hayward. There nothing stating their home town or if they were related.

George the youngest was born July 2, 1653 in Concord. He died Dec. 19, 1678 in the battle of Narragansett, in Narragansett, Rhode Island.

One of last item I found for George Hayward was his probate record. George died March 28, 1671.

In fall of 1671 George’s probate states that his estate was to be split amongst his widow Mary and his 7 children i.e. John, Joseph, Simeon, George, Elizabeth Wheeler, Sarah Prescott and Hannah Farrar. There is no mention of either Mary or William. This help me to remove Mary because she not a Hayward to begin with.

William Hayward has a birth death of 1651 or 1653 which would make him a minor when he married Anna Stratton. There should be consent of William’s mother at time of his marriage to /Anna /Stratton. Nothing has been found but believe this William is mostly likely the William Hayward of Salisbury Massachusetts.

The point of this column is just because everyone has 9 children for George Hayward and his wife Mary does not mean that is correct. Look at the town records for birth, death and marriage for your ancestors.

Also look at the County copies of marriage records to see if there may more information in vital records.

If possible seek out Wills or Probate record as George listed a widow and only 7 children.

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