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Dennis Prue

Dennis has been researching family trees for more than 30 years. His expertise has been invaluable in helping to break through brick walls.


This Old Tree, January 2015

This month’s column is the first in a series of the William Tibbett’s Family of Harmony, ME.

One of our members, Jay Bullard has several lines of Tibbetts. He has two Tibbett’s brick walls, his ancestors Daniel Tibbetts and James Tibbetts.

Jay’s ancestor Daniel Tibbett father is a man named William. William Tibbetts is married to a woman named Anna. Her maiden Name is not known at this time.

One of Jay’s cousins has William Tibbetts born in Feb. 1764 in Augusta, Kennebec County, Maine, and William wife Anna born on August 20, 1767. The names and birth date of four children:

  1. Asa b March 9, 1801 born in Shapleigh, York, Maine
  2. Daniel b. March 10, 1803 born in Shapleigh, York, Maine
  3. William born March 9, 1807 born in Harmony, Somerset, Maine
  4. Nancy born Oct. 14, 1809. Born in Harmony, Somerset, Maine.

Number 2 Daniel is married to Sally/Sarah Drew and is Jay’s ancestor.

Jay and I have both looked at Augusta and the Gardiner area published vital records for William and his family. The vital records for both towns start well after William’s stated birth.

Jay has the History and Vital Records of Shapleigh/Acton, Maine. Several Tibbett’s families are reconstructed via town and land records. William and Anna family is not one of them. But they are listed only once in the book. William Tibbett and his wife Anna sell property they own in Shapleigh to Stephen Hussey. The land sale is roughly about the time the family moves to the area latter called Harmony in Somerset County.

While I was trying to help Jay with his William and Anna, he asked about Ebenezer Tibbetts who lived next door to one of his Harmony Tibbetts who had moved to Glenburn. I realized there was an Ebenezer Tibbetts listed in Harmony and wonder if perhaps there was a connection there.

So my next installment on the story of William and Anna will be my review of the census records for the following towns: Augusta, Shapleigh, and Harmony to find the correct William Tibbetts.

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