“The Family Gene”

A Mission to Turn My Deadly Inheritance into a Hopeful Future

By Joselin Linder
Pub 2017 by Harper Collins Publishers

This book is about a mutation of a gene that Joselin Linder inherited from her grandfather for sure and how it only shows obvious symptoms for male or female when reaching middle age.

This is the story of a medical mystery and heart-wrenching family tragedy.

Joselin covers the history of gene/DNA research as it pertains to understanding how genes are passed from mother and father to the children. She reveals the story of how several other gene/DNA mutations have been studied and which ones now have the potential to be controlled, possibly to be cured, or cured.

Take for example on page 187 in Hazard, Kentucky several individuals have blue skin. Dennis’s relatives in Kentucky have told him about the blue skin.

On page 186 my ancestry is referenced. On page 200 a reference is made that Dennis would agree with.