Archival Notes, August 2017

Our library has been used quite a bit this summer. We have had visitors from “away” who are looking for information. Some were very surprised at the volume of our collection. We have outgrown our shelf space and plans are underway to make changes which will allow us to have more room. I want to […]

Archival Notes, April 2017

I recently researched and recorded the history of ACGS. In doing so, I read every newsletter and Secretary’s report since our beginning in 2003. We have covered the gambit in our programming topics over the years. Items which have become annual events since their inception are: Cochran Cemetery maintenance Northern Maine Fair Exhibits Attendance at […]

This Old Tree, April 2017

Where Do You Look? This is going to be a short column. The topic is finding christening records in out of way places. Recently on April 1, 2017 I went to the Provincial Archives in Fredericton, New Brunswick. They had a new book in the Victoria County section. “The Baptismal Records of Ste. Anne Catholic […]

President’s Message, April 2017

Greetings: Finally it’s getting closer to outdoor research time.The ground is thawing out and drying out. Don’t forget about your genealogy widow/widower.Hopefully they are someone who, even though they may not be into your obsession can still find enjoyment being with you on your searches. Perhaps they enjoy being useful to you and are happy […]

The Importance of Full Place Names

Remember to write out town, county/parish, state/province, and country on your charts. At the very least have it correctly noted in your records somewhere. You may know what you mean but, down the road when you leave your records behind it may not be very apparent to someone else. Did you know there’s a town of […]

Archival Notes, March 2017

Recently while doing some research, I happened across this record, which probably explains why in some instances we are unable to complete some of our individual families of old. The source was “The New Hampshire Genealogical Record” Vol. 3 pg. 37. The article titled “Kingston First Church Records”. Beginning August 13, 1735, Serg William Buzzel […]

This Old Tree, March 2017

This month’s column is on the using Godparents to help I.D. who a parent might be. The names I am using are not the actual names so I am using a fictitious Jane Cook’s family for my example. Jane was born in either 1862 or 1864 and both of her parents had died before she […]

President’s Message, March 2017

I hope everyone is well and you’ve had a fruitful winter of research. This time of year brings thoughts of outdoor research and travels. We’ve been lucky so far that the weather hasn’t played havoc with our monthly meetings. Hope I didn’t just jinx us.  Sometimes when I’m talking to people I ask if they do genealogy. Usually […]

This Old Tree, January 2017

— Allen Voisine, Contributor Over a year and half ago, the genealogical society received obituaries from the local Family History Library, I took it upon myself to create a spreadsheet to make it easier to find an individual obit a lot faster, which list will accompany the binders that the obituaries were placed in. In […]

A Recollection from the Past

The following account was relayed to me by my mother; Myrtle Jackson as told to her by her mother-in-law; Melissa Thibodeau Jackson. They lived at the Jackson Homestead at the Head of the Rapids. This is on the St. John River above the Big Rapids. Myrtle married Aaron IV in 1941, and the following account […]