President's Message

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President’s Message, October 2016

What a bonus this extended great fall weather has been for those of us who are out checking cemetery headstones! We need to get all of the information we think we need before cold weather and the snow flies so we can do the research this winter.

I prefer this time of the year to photograph headstones, as many of the floral arrangements that block the information have been removed.

Were you able to meet face to face with any older persons &/or family members this summer? We must try to talk with some of them before it is too late. They have much to offer and their stories may “put meat on the bones” of your family history.

Some of my fondest memories are visiting with older people. Do you have someone who will take over your research when you no longer can? Reach out to a family member, you may be surprised at who shows an interest when you approach them one on one.

Happy Hunting
Brenda Bourgoine