President's Message

Brief on-point messages from the president.


President’s Message, November 2016


Our mission statement lists six major goals meant to serve our members and any family historian.

  1. Providing genealogical skills development through education information, publications, research assistance and networking opportunities
  2. Promoting the highest standards of ethical research principles and scholarly practices.
  3. Establishing important links with other groups worldwide.
  4. Providing depth and breadth of knowledge and opportunities for our members.
  5. Creating programs to increase public awareness of opportunities to discover family history.
  6. Promoting interest in the fascinating field of genealogy and family history.

Congratulations to ACGS, we have met or exceeded these goals. We are the most northerly group in our state organization and we continue to represent our group well at state functions.

Our “Most Knowledge Staff” awards received at the Northern Maine Fair are indicative and reward for our efforts.

The use of the Internet has greatly assisted us in our endeavors.

My wish is that we continue our outreach, acquire new members and improve and grow without losing site of our goals or uniqueness in the process.

This being my last letter as president I’d like to say Thank-you to everyone for her or his help and co-operation these past two years.

May your research continue successfully with some new find in the future? Best wishes for good health and Happy Holidays.

To Jay Bullard, thank you for your generous $800 donation to ACGS. You are and have been very generous to our group.


To Ray Hildebrand, thank you for your interesting program about the “Witches of Salem and Connecticut” with your personal family input to the subject, which you presented at the October meeting.

Brenda Bourgoine