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President’s Message, March 2019


I hope as we (hopefully) reach the beginning of the end of winter, we have started to think and plan for interesting genealogical adventures for the coming year.

One of things that may be useful to do is revisit families or records you have not looked at in a while. With new material added to various internet sites i.e. Ancestry, Family search and Cyndi lists; new records added on these sites may help answer some missing persons or events. Even looking at records you have been through before, may have information that when you first did research you may not have realized that some individuals that you did not know then, are now known to be relatives.

This month I have been trying to fill out missing data on my father’s first cousins.

Out of the 51 known first cousins, I only have three who I have no death dates for. After I spent countless hours searching, Jean Simon Cote I finally found a marriage I was unaware of, and think most of our family did not know either. I could not find his death record.

On March 7th I put his name in with just year of birth. This time in links to possible matching records, there was a record for man, named John S. Coto born in Maine with correct year of birth. Low and behold it was John Simon Cote. He died in Vermont and the record implies that he remarried after his first marriage ended in divorce.

Remember we are going try and help each other with possible problems and brick walls in our monthly meeting this month.

Dennis Prue