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President’s Message, March 2015

Warm greetings to all

What a snowy winter it is! Have you been able to do any research?

On one of the very few nice days I was able to get to the Northern Registry of Deeds, I found some new facts about one of the Civil War soldiers from Ft. Kent who was on my research list. I am now looking for more clues about breaking down my brick wall.

I want to thank the members who are helping to prepare the/our meeting room at the library. A report will be forth coming about that project next month. Our holdings will all be in the same area and there is room to sit and do research, also plan on having a computer there and the microfilm reader may be in the same area also.

We are planning on meeting there on June 22. March & April will be at the Chan Center, Cary Medical and no meeting is scheduled in May because it is Memorial weekend. We will have a guest speaker, Tim McMahon for that June meeting.

Brenda Bourgoine