President's Message

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President’s Message, March 2013

I would like to start this newsletter off by thanking a few members for what they have done the past couple of months. First is Orlan Smith for writing something for me for the February newsletter. Next was Dennis Prue for stepping up to the plate to do two programs in a row for February and March. And finally but not lastly, Frances Heales for recording and putting in the newsletter excerpts from the “Bits and Bites” sessions that we have done. I told her that part of the meeting was not necessary to be recorded but she felt that some very important information was being passed on and I have to agree with her.

Speaking of the “Bits and Bites,” I believe that this part of the meeting has begun to show signs of being very beneficial for the membership in attendance. The open discussions and exchange of ideas and where references can be obtained or how to obtain certain facts have been very helpful to a few members already. Also, with Frances recording the items, she pointed out to me, that somewhere in the future members may want to refer back to certain items that have been raised during this part of the meeting. Frances also pointed out that many of our members are from away and therefore some of this information may be helpful to them. And now that warmer weather and longer days are in the offering, I am in hopes to see more members in attendance in the future and that they bring their queries and recent findings to the meetings.

I recently came across a website that others may be interested in. It is a location where a large selection of Genealogical books may be purchased and is located in Salem, Mass. The site is: I took a look-see at it and you can research a book by family surname or by location (town, state or region). The major subjects on their website are: Local History, Genealogies, Civil War and Historic Maps. Just pick one and start your search.

I hope to see many new faces this meeting with more inquiries (and answers). Until Monday evening, continue your digging and I hope you find the “mother lode.”