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President’s Message, January 2013

Dennis informed me the other day that as President, I am expected to do a monthly writing for the newsletter. Since I do not care to write, I suggested to him that all the officers and members at large get involved, thereby spreading the joy of writing something for the newsletter over the next few months. He did not say no to this suggestion so this may be a way to get input of different ideas from several people.

This would mean that the VP would be doing the report for next month.

I would like to start off by explaining how I would like to see our meetings conducted. When our monthly program is in house, I would like to start the meeting by asking each person what they were currently working on or what valuable information they had recently come across and how they came across this information.

Ann Cushman gave me the idea in November when she had the attending members talk about what they were currently researching. I would like to expand this to also entail anything of value that someone has come across that could be shared with the group.

There would be a time limit of a couple of minutes for each person to speak and/or ask questions and hopefully get some positive feedback from the group.

The above is my “Bits and Bites” on the agenda. This may have to be modified in the agenda if we have an outside speaker for our program so that we could have the program first.

The program this month is an update of the fall MGS (Maine Genealogy Society) meeting which took place in Brewer in September. Several from this group attended the meeting. Also, I have been informed that the MGS web site has a new address which is

As of this date, I plan to attend the NERGC (New England Regional Genealogical Consortium) in Manchester, NH, in April. I will already be in the area at that time so have decided that maybe I may be able to learn something if I attend. It is a 5 day event from April 17th to the 21st.

That is the short and sweet of what I have to say at this time so may all your skeletons come out of the closet with answers that you have been looking for.

Respectfully submitted, Spike Savage

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