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President’s Message, February 2016

Do you get asked “Aren’t you done tracing/chasing your ancestors yet?”

The uninformed persons ask these questions obviously. If they only knew, for every question answered, more appear. A birth date or place not found, a death date unknown-just part of a person’s life-enough to keep us looking for the answers.

For example, on my great-great grandmother Malvina Thibodeau I have only a birth month and year from the 1900 census. The birthplace is from her death record in 1912, it says she was 55 years old and that agrees with the census record.

The place of birth was Calais, Maine. I can’t find anything there or in Washington County that far back. Result-her record is not complete.

No I am not done chasing after my ancestors; I probably will be as long as I live. How about you?

A thank-you goes to Jay for his time and expense in doing our newsletter each month and also in doing the treasurers’ work.

Brenda Bourgoine