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President’s Message, August 2013

It is said that once the Northern Maine Fair is over and done, that winter is just around the corner. With that being said, it is now time to look toward the remaining meetings for the year.

On Sunday, August 25, Jay Bullard has open house at his house in Caribou beginning at 10 a.m. With all the volumes of books that Jay has, I am sure you will find one of use to you in your genealogy research. At 5 p.m. a pot luck supper will take place. For those who have never taken part in this open house research/pot luck supper, the exact location is 44 Park Street, just across the street from the Teague Park ball field and diagonally across from the Caribou Middle School. It will be place with all the vehicles.

The next evening, Monday, August 26th, we will have our regular monthly meeting at the Chan Center in the Cary Medical Center on the Van Buren Road at 6:30 p.m. The program will be a discussion of the display we had at the Northern Maine Fair this year and what we need for next year as well as a possible theme.

Also, I hope to see some new faces during our research day as well as our monthly meeting. The Fair did prove fruitful as one person from Ashland approached me at the grocery store a few days after the fair talking about his visit to our booth. I contacted Jay immediately when this gentleman requested an application so he could attend the above mentioned meetings. I only hope that more applications were picked up at our booth and that they have now been received and processed.

Next month, on Saturday, September 21st, the Maine Genealogy Society (MGS) will be holding their 2013 Annual Family History Conference in Brewer. Dennis and I both plan on attending and the program for our monthly meeting on the 23rd of September will be about the MGS conference. So anyone and everyone from the ACGS take note. If you attend, please be ready to partake in our monthly program as to what you found useful or otherwise. The MGS conference will have 6 breakout sessions plus the keynote address by Laura Prescott: How the Internet Makes Us Sloppy Genealogists.

I would like to thank Heather Feuerhelm for hosting our July get-together at her house in July to go over what we would be doing at the Fair. Especially, since she was a “cripple” this year thanks to a broken foot about a week and a half before the meeting. Thanks also for the serving of the tasty food and having the tee shirts and emblems ready to be ironed on. Next year, I plan to have this meeting much earlier in July so that we will be finalizing what needs to be done, not planning.

Well, that is enough rambling for now and as Allen Voisine puts it: Until next time / Jusqu’à la prochaine fois. I do not know if he is brushing me off with swear words in French or what.

“Spike” Savage

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