Odds and Ends

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Odds and Ends for March 2011

– By Ann Cushman

Gleanings from the New England Historic and Genealogical Society e-newsletter:

There is an article in the March 7, 2011 Washington Post on the mess at Arlington National Cemetery. It goes into more detail about the lost, misplaced, unnamed, etc. remains. Congress has required the cemetery to account for all 320,000 remains. It will take years and probably won’t be able to account for all. The Army Criminal Investigative Division has even been called in.

CNN Radio from February 26, 2011 — Neglected graves home to “invisible dead.”

There will be a seminar entitled Beyond The Battlefield: New England and the Civil War. It will take place June 24 – 26 at Eaglebrook School in Deerfield, MA. For more information including seminar publications, go to www.dublinseminar.org.

The Discovery Channel has a series called American Treasures which may be of interest. A couple of archaeologists travel around the country investigating artifacts that people have which may be of historical significance.

When looking at census records, be sure to look at the pages before and after your relative. You may find other relatives living nearby.