This Old Tree, March 2017

This month’s column is on the using Godparents to help I.D. who a parent might be. The names I am using are not the actual names so I am using a fictitious Jane Cook’s family for my example. Jane was born in either 1862 or 1864 and both of her parents had died before she […]

This Old Tree, January 2017

— Allen Voisine, Contributor Over a year and half ago, the genealogical society received obituaries from the local Family History Library, I took it upon myself to create a spreadsheet to make it easier to find an individual obit a lot faster, which list will accompany the binders that the obituaries were placed in. In […]

This Old Tree, November 2016

This month’s column is a byproduct of my fall vacation. I did more research on some of my Lambert family of southern Maine and on Schnebeli family out of Pennsylvania. Schnebeli Family – last time I had done any major work was in 1208 and little more in 2012. Hans Kasper Schnebeli was from Switzerland […]

This Old Tree, September/October 2016

This month’s column is how the Japanese view the family. Japan has always been a class system society. The first is the Imperial family; second the Warrior and Artisans class and thirdly the Farmer/Peasants class. In the 1860’s and early 1870’s there were many social and economic changes during the Meiji period. Starting in 1868, […]

This Old Tree

Finding Sarah Davis of Cardigan, New Brunswick In June of 1819 a number of Welsh families settled in York County, New Brunswick. Among them was the family of William Davies/Davis and his wife Margaret. There were 8 children at least in their family. Information I received from the Welsh Sociality of center New Brunswick gave […]

This Old Tree by Robert A Deane

The Parents of Perry Dean My great grandfather, Perry Dean, was born on January 4, 1878, in Fort Fairfield, Maine. He lived most of his life in Fort Fairfield, except for several years beginning in 1929 and into the early 1930’s, when he lived in Waterbury, Connecticut, for employment reasons, and for a period of […]

This Old Tree, April 2016

This month’s column is about “red herrings” in death records.My example is a real person that I have in a branch of my family tree. One of the members of our group had tried to find who the record belonged to and was not able to find the correct person. The death record states the […]

This Old Tree, February 2016

This month’s column is a combined effort of Brenda Bourgoine and Dennis Prue. It pays to skim through genealogy books of church records as there could be an entry that might catch your eye. That is what happened to me one evening. The rest of story is below: Dennis called this finding Serendipity- that it […]

This Old Tree, January 2016

I received a query via our group’s Facebook page on a Daniel Tibbetts. The woman wanted to know if he was the son of Philip Tibbetts of Shapleigh, Maine and Wolfeboro, New Hampshire. I first went online, at both Rootsweb and Ancestry’s public tree for any hints or clues of what might help with the […]

This Old Tree, October 2015

This Month column has two separate parts. Both stem from requests for help from people at the annual Maine Genealogical Society Meeting held in Brewer, Maine. Thelma Brooks question on her George Eye Ancestor Thelma is nearly ninety years old. She talked with Jay Bullard about her family tree and the gap she had was […]