They Spelled It How?

Recently a friend and I walked through a cemetery in Wallagrass where many of her relatives are buried. Labbe is a family name and probably one of the simplest French names to spell. By the time we were done there were 4 different spellings, 3 of which we’d never seen before, Labbe, Labbee, Labby and […]

Genealogy Records

by Frances Heales There are three sorts of documents that are helpful in genealogy: Church records, Official Records and Family Records. My interest in family history was sparked by finding very informal record: a card in my paternal grandparents’ home. It wished’ cousin Janey and Jim a Happy Christmas from Janey and Arthur’. I knew […]

A Tale of Two Beautiful Roses from the Civil War Era

In looking for further information on Francis Cyr born as Francois Cyr, a Civil War Soldier from Van Buren,(using:, I found that he was married to Mary Belrose in Augusta, Maine on 21 September or 11 October 1863. I took the later date as most it highly likely it was when he got married […]

The Aroostook County Civil War Enlistments Book

(Fair project for 2015) by Linda Zapatka The book is to establish as many as possible men that enlisted from Aroostook County Towns. Would like to locate the men in the 1860 Census, where they were before enlistment and if they made it back, where they were in the 1870 Census, after that would like […]

Census Tips Continued…

1860 They asked for property value. Who knows how accurate that is! They probably didn’t like the tax man then either. 1870 They asked if parents were of foreign birth. If a person was born or married within the year, the month was given. 1880 First census to ask each person where their parents were […]

Census Tips…

1790 Especially in the earlier censuses look at who the neighbors are. You may find other relatives. People probably didn’t travel very far to find a spouse. Only the head of the household was named though. 1800 The census breaks down the family into more age groups. Sometimes the list was put in alphabetical order […]

Old Newspapers in Houlton, ME

When you live in area that was once part of the wilderness, finding records can be a challenge! When an area is first being settled, there is no town and no one required to records the settlement records. This was true of the Caribou area. Caribou early town records are mainly marriage records and few […]

P.I. Library

The Presque Isle Library now has access to in house. I think this may be true for all/most libraries in the state so you should check. Per a September 17-18 issue of the BDN, a 150 year-old private cemetery in Saco is being moved. This has also been a topic in the MOCA newsletters. […]

LD 1781 Update

Helen Shaw sent Jay the following update on LD 1781 An Act To Allow Electronic Filing of Vital Records and Closing of Records To Guard against Fraud and Make Other Changes to the Vital Records Laws. LD 1781 is now known as Public Law 601 and will go into effect on Monday, July 12th. This […]

Newspaper Project

The Aroostook County Genealogical Society was given the opportunity to save some important genealogical information collected by Bertha Philbrook. Bertha has been saving newspapers for the last 50 years or so. She has donated them to us (ACGS). The bundles consisted of The Aroostook Republican and News, the Bangor Daily, St. John Valley Times and […]