DNA update by National Geographic

In the August 2019 issue of the National Geographic on page 94, author Andrew Curry discusses “Who Were The First Europeans?” If you have any Europeans in your DNA you will be surprised by how far back it goes now and what area most of them settled in after they left Africa 45,000 years ago […]

“Secretary Hand”

Member Frances Heales mentioned “Secretary Hand.” This led me to the following info: It was a style of European handwriting from the 1500s and 1600s and longer for English, German, Welsh, and Gaelic. This led me to a BYU Script Tutorial on line. There are four main hands or scripts in English documents; Round, Italic, […]

Some hints from the DAR Genealogy Guidelines…

These hints are good whether you’re doing lineage papers or not. Do the dates make sense? What were the parent’s ages when they married?  What date was the child born? What age were the parents when the child was born? Are they old enough to have a child or are they too old? Do the […]

Micro film at UMPI

Vital Records, (Births, Marriages, Death): Pre 1892, 1892-1907, 1908-1922, 1923-1936, and 1937-1955 Aroostook Republican: May 11, 1887-Dec. 26, 1929 Star Herald (North Star, Sunrise, Democrat, Pioneer, Beacon, County Times): Dec 1, 1857-Dec 11, 1860, Aug 5, 1863-1892, 1892-1914, 1915-1932, 1933-1949, and 1950-2016

Thoughts on the Maiden Name of Elizabeth Bubar

Thoughts on the Maiden Name of Elizabeth (abt 1766 – bet 1850-1860), Wife of John Bubar (abt 1756 – abt 1829) son of Joseph Bubar and Martha Grover Compiled by Leslie G. Poole, 4th Great-Granddaughter of John and Elizabeth Bubar Revised and Updated 10 September 2017 Too Many Assumptions Most family researchers say that Elizabeth, […]

New Brunswick Crown Grant Maps

Hi All – I have been in contact with the office in Edmundston that has the Crown Grant Maps as I purchased 3 maps from them a few years ago. However, they no longer offer the maps for sale; but they do have them online now. I thought you and the Genealogy Society might find […]

Historical Trivia, March 2018

“Mind your own bee’s wax!” Personal hygiene left much room for improvement. As a result, many women and men had developed acne scars by adulthood. The women would spread bee’s wax over their facial skin to smooth out their complexion. When they were speaking to each other, if a woman began to stare at another […]

Fort Fairfield Newspapers Online

— Submitted by Leslie G. Poole, Rockland, ME I’ve been to the Fort Fairfield Library several times and agonized about perusing their old newspapers. They are so fragile and “crackly.” But now, thanks to librarian Jennifer Gaenzle, newspapers are now online to browse from the comfort of your own home, which, if you’re like me, […]

Researching Very Early British Nationals

Found while preparing a display on census records… British Aliens in the United States during the War of 1812 by Genealogical Publishing Co. Inc. 1979 Once war was declared, British subjects were now enemy aliens. They were given notice to report to the marshal of the state or territory. They had to report the people […]

Tips for Researching Irish Records

When doing Irish research you need to understand the territorial boundaries before you start. Province = the largest area in Irish records. Originally there were 8 counties in each of the 4 provinces. In 1922 Ireland was divided into 6 counties in Northern Ireland and 26 in the Republic of Ireland. County = the 32 […]