Vice President’s Message, May 2013

Today I would like to talk about Genealogy and Historical Societies. Most of us belong to one or the other as each can take up most of our time. I thought it all started for me back in 1994 but it started much earlier. When I was a boy I remember walking around the town […]

Vice President’s Message, March 2013

Too many of our members, what I will be talking about in the messages I submit this year will be old news. I hope what I say will be of some interest and help to our new members just starting out in their search. Many of our members are very good at research, they make […]

President’s Message, March 2013

I would like to start this newsletter off by thanking a few members for what they have done the past couple of months. First is Orlan Smith for writing something for me for the February newsletter. Next was Dennis Prue for stepping up to the plate to do two programs in a row for February […]

Vice President’s Message, February 2013

For some time I have been thinking of sending in a story to the newsletter. I have some stories in mind and I will send in one each month so I hope you enjoy them. My first story is on brick walls and I have a tough one. Like several of you, mine is a […]

President’s Message, January 2013

Dennis informed me the other day that as President, I am expected to do a monthly writing for the newsletter. Since I do not care to write, I suggested to him that all the officers and members at large get involved, thereby spreading the joy of writing something for the newsletter over the next few […]

President’s Message, November 2011

– Richard Kimball I’ve been a member of ACGS for about two years and President for one and am now reading the CONSTITUTION AND BY-LAWS (adoped in August 2003). If you have not looked at them recently, I sugget that you get a copy – only six uncrowded pages. To save space here, I’m going […]

President’s Message, October 2011

This month I want to share some information about an organization and a website that I’ve found quite useful. About a year ago, the New England Historical Genealogical Society changed its focus and correspondingly the names of its member magazine and its website. NEHGS is a venerable society founded in 1845 with an extensive research […]

President’s Message, September 2011

– By Richard Kimball An interesting quirk had me confused for a while. Some of my Ruee ancestors lived in New Castle, New Hampshire and vicinity for about 70 years beginning around 1860. I’ve been trying to track all their various real estate transactions over that period. At first there were several deeds transferring property […]

President’s Message, June 2011

This month I have discovered a couple of tools that have considerable potential. The first tool is a next step in the Fairmount Cemetery Project. Dr. Chunzeng Wang has sent me the website, part of which we already had, but there is now a working part available. I’d call it at best a Beta version […]

President’s Message, April 2011

– By Richard Kimball, President Late last week I was privileged to attend the New England Regional Genealogical Conference 2011 in Springfield, MA. Just as in the two previous NERGCs I have attended, this was a terrific learning experience. Of the approximately 14 presentations, I chose this time, I considered almost every one to be […]