President’s Message, June 2017

I just asked my mother a question about the dog they had when she was a kid. That lead her to telling me some things her father did before he died. The evening before he died he brought my grandmother and my great grandmother to see me. Apparently he did other things not long before […]

President’s Message, May 2017

Hopefully your outdoor/travel research is now in full swing. When you’re out and about keep your eyes open for Victorian cradle graves. Those graves had a headstone, footstone, and 2 sidebars which created a trough. The family was to plant ornamentals there. This quote comes from a comic strip where they quoted Michael Crichton, the […]

President’s Message, April 2017

Greetings: Finally it’s getting closer to outdoor research time.The ground is thawing out and drying out. Don’t forget about your genealogy widow/widower.Hopefully they are someone who, even though they may not be into your obsession can still find enjoyment being with you on your searches. Perhaps they enjoy being useful to you and are happy […]

President’s Message, March 2017

I hope everyone is well and you’ve had a fruitful winter of research. This time of year brings thoughts of outdoor research and travels. We’ve been lucky so far that the weather hasn’t played havoc with our monthly meetings. Hope I didn’t just jinx us. Sometimes when I’m talking to people I ask if they […]

President’s Message, January 2017

Greetings: I’m now starting my second stint as the prez. I’d like to keep these messages short and sweet as I will still be doing my column. I hope that you will give me some ideas on topics and speakers for our meetings. I would also hope that you might be willing to give a […]

President’s Message, November 2016

Greetings, Our mission statement lists six major goals meant to serve our members and any family historian. Providing genealogical skills development through education information, publications, research assistance and networking opportunities Promoting the highest standards of ethical research principles and scholarly practices. Establishing important links with other groups worldwide. Providing depth and breadth of knowledge and […]

President’s Message, August 2016

Greetings: To everyone who prepared and gathered the materials, helped set up the display and worked every day at the Northern Maine Fair, Thank-you very much. You have contributed to ACGS‘s “Most Knowledgeable Staff” award for 2016. Job well-done ACGS members! Are you planning to attend the MGS Conference in Brewer on September 17th? They […]

President’s Message, April 2016

As we move from winter into spring, you probably have to-do lists that involve research away from home.I for one like to go to different locations and not just on the internet. There is something about opening up those old books that gets to me. Perhaps you plan to visit a cemetery or two, whatever […]

President’s Message, February 2016

Do you get asked “Aren’t you done tracing/chasing your ancestors yet?” The uninformed persons ask these questions obviously. If they only knew, for every question answered, more appear. A birth date or place not found, a death date unknown-just part of a person’s life-enough to keep us looking for the answers. For example, on my […]