Mayflower Society

The General Society of Mayflower Descendants now has listed all 51 names of those who left descendants. For many years you could only join using the male line (which obviously used the women in conjunction) but finally the women get equal status. I wonder, to how many of those our membership can document descent. I […]

Gleanings NEHGS

Gleanings from recent NEHGS e-newsletters: A local Boston lawyer who donated sperm while in school has met two of his biological children and knows of 70 more with the possible final count to be around 120-140. Can you imagine any of those children trying to chart their half siblings?! JSTOR, a no-for-profit digital scholarly archive […]

Odds and Ends for September 2011

– By Ann Cushman Gleanings from the NEGHS e-newsletter: Polly was a popular nickname but remember the real name may actually be Mary. will bring you to the West Virginia Archives and History site. – This society was launched in January 2011. Obviously those folks only have to worry about going back 70 […]

Odds and Ends for August 2011

– By Ann Cushman From the NEHGS e-newsletter: An article in the Christian Science Monitor dated 13 May 2011 stated that seven years ago the National Archives in D.C. held a genealogy fair with 700 people attending. This year there were 5,400 in attendance. In colonial times Patty was a nickname for Martha. Gleanings from […]

Odds and Ends for April 2011

– By Ann Cushman Information gleaned from Air Force Sergeants Magazine and US Dept. of Veterans Affairs: The uniformed services of the U.S. are the: Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, Commissioned Corps of the Public Health Service, and the Commissioned Corps of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Statistics for some of America’s […]

Odds and Ends for March 2011

– By Ann Cushman Gleanings from the New England Historic and Genealogical Society e-newsletter: There is an article in the March 7, 2011 Washington Post on the mess at Arlington National Cemetery. It goes into more detail about the lost, misplaced, unnamed, etc. remains. Congress has required the cemetery to account for all 320,000 remains. […]

Pilgrims and Puritans

The Pilgrims and Puritans were not the same. They both had their roots in dissension from the Church of England, which became known as “Puritanism.” In America we use a narrower meaning for Puritan. We refer to the Puritans as those who came in Winthrop’s fleet of 17 ships in 1630. They settled the Massachusetts […]

What’s That Date?

Reprinted from the March 23, 2009 newsletter: While doing genealogy you will come across challenges with dates. The Julian calendar was imposed by Julius Caesar in 46 BC to fix the previous less accurate calendar that was off by 80 days. Unfortunately, by the late 16th century, the Julian calendar was off by ten days. […]