Row of ancient books some of them over 300 years old
Brenda Jackson Bourgoine

Brenda Jackson Bourgoine

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Archival Notes, March 2019

Archival Tour Report

On February 12, 2019, twelve persons attended a tour of the Caribou Public Library Archives which includes the Aroostook County Genealogical Society Library.

It was not a high turnout, but judging from the interaction, attention and questions asked it was a successful event. The attendees were members and spouses of the Caribou Night Extension group which is a chapter of the Aroostook County Homemakers Extension and the University of Maine Cooperative Extension.

We are quite confident that several who came will return. They were unaware that there was such a variety of historical and genealogical resources in the archives. Our city’s history is preserved here, we must not lose it.

Wendy Bossie, Archivist
Brenda Bourgoine, Archivist