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Brenda Jackson Bourgoine

Brenda Jackson Bourgoine

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Archival Notes, March 2017

Recently while doing some research, I happened across this record, which probably explains why in some instances we are unable to complete some of our individual families of old.

The source was “The New Hampshire Genealogical Record” Vol. 3 pg. 37. The article titled “Kingston First Church Records”.

Beginning August 13, 1735, Serg William Buzzel lost another child, on Oct. 3 they lost another child. From then until Dec. 14, 1736, there are 80 children and 5 adult deaths recorded in this church alone. A note recorded by the pastor reads

“ this Mortality was By a Kanker Quinsey or Peripa which mostly Seized upon young People and has proved Exceedingly mortal in Several other Towns y’ It is supposed there never was y’ like Before in this Country”.

Some of the entries indicate that the family lost all of their children. I found that a scholarly researcher did a report of this illness and he gives a figure of more than 1200 who died during this epidemic in New Hampshire alone. My research indicates it was a diphtheria epidemic. We should be grateful for vaccines.

Brenda Bourgoine, Archivist