New Book New Information on My Family Tree

Elizabeth Fost/Frost Dill’s real last Name I recently purchased a new book for my own personal genealogy library. “Piscataqua Pioneers” is a collection of selected biographies of the early settlers […]

Probate Records

Happy Spring. I hope everyone is able to get out and enjoy the beautiful spring weather. It is time for all genealogists to descend on their local cemeteries. In other […]

From the Weekly Genealogist newsletter: A New York Times article in April and May explained that last year when Ireland did its census they left a box where people could […]

Ever look at the Sanborn Maps? They were used for fire insurance purposes. I looked at the Maine ones online at the Library of Congress and the Fogler Library. Perhaps […]

Pathetic or sad?! A news item from refers to a OnePoll survey done for Ancestry which found that less than 50% of Americans can name their grandparents and only […]

From a conversation with member Frances Heales; my comment about the Picts painting their bodies; her explaining the dyes having medicinal value and me doing more research: Woad is a […]