Archival Notes, February 2018

We are going to relate a little history of how some of our information is acquired. On January 5, 2018, via Aroostook Genealogy, Shirley Wells uploaded a pdf file titled […]

Just a reminder, go to the Internet Archive (a non-profit in the San Francisco area) and type in Maine history, or genealogy, or whatever state, or town you want. There’s […]

I recently was looking at microfilm of surveyor’s field notes for Maysville. The index seemed to have all Aroostook County towns. I was looking at notes done in 1842. You’re […]

Gleanings from the Weekly genealogist…

The John Jay College of Criminal Justice has a searchable online New York State Slavery Index. It covers from around 1525 to during the Civil War. This includes the owners […]

Gleanings from various British online sources…

Apparently before 1066 in Britain people usually weren’t using surnames. After the Norman conquest, the Anglo-Saxons took Norman first names. The most popular first names for men were William, Robert […]